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Google-China Talks to Resume

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Google Inc. representatives are scheduled to resume discussions in coming days with Chinese officials about the fate of Google’s China business, said people briefed on the matter.

The schedule and the status of the talks, which are being picked up after a break for the Chinese New Year holiday, are unclear. Among the range of Google officials handling the talks on the ground is Google policy executive, Ross LaJeunesse, said people familiar with the matter.

Any resolution to the matter of whether Google will be able to operate an unfiltered search engine in the country is likely to be at least weeks away, said one of the people

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Schmidt: Google-Apple board member should stay put

Google Inc Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said former Genentech CEO Arthur Levinson should stay on the boards of both Google and Apple Inc, despite regulatory scrutiny.

Schmidt said on Friday that Google and Apple easily passed an antitrust test for overlapping board members relating to revenue overlap.

“Google and Apple are well below” that percentage, Schmidt told a conference hosted by the Atlantic and the Aspen Institute.

Google, the No. 1 Internet search company in the United States and Apple, the maker of the iPhone and Mac computers, find themselves competing on a number of fronts, including operating systems and the fast-growing smartphone market.

The two had long been seen as allies against Microsoft Corp’s tech dominance.

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Sprint’s HTC Hero May Be Your Scene In Smart Phones

Super-smart phones based on Google‘s Android operating system have been relatively slow to take off since the first one appeared a year ago. Despite Google’s iconic brand, they have yet to develop the strong bond with U.S. consumers achieved by the Research in Motion BlackBerry or the Apple iPhone. And, after a year, Android has less than 10% of the 85,000 apps the iPhone now offers.

But Android is beginning to blossom in the market for this class of device, which is really a hand-held computer that performs many laptop-like functions.

In August, T-Mobile began offering a new $200 myTouch Android phone. Motorola will shortly launch a new $200 Android model called the CLIQ. And, on Oct. 11, Sprint will start selling perhaps the most unusual Android phone so far, the $180 HTC Hero.

original post: WSJ

Wave invite for sale on ebay

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

A friend just pinged me on twitter something very interesting : Wave invite for sale (Thanks Mohit: @mohitmahajan)

This is what I found on Google search:

Google Wave Invite

Anyone interested?

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I have a Google Account. Why can’t I sign in to Google Wave?

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

This is what they told me when I tried to log in:

Even though you have a Gmail or a Google Account, you must be invited to Google Wave in order to sign in. If you haven’t been invited by a friend, you won’t be able to use the service at this time.

If you have been invited, but you aren’t able to sign in, make sure you follow the link in the email invitation the first time you want to access the service. You must use your unique URL to sign in to Google Wave the first time.

Google Wave is currently available in a limited preview release. If you’d like to sign up for updates about Google Wave’s availability, please fill out this form. If you are a Google Apps administrator and you are interested in using it on your domain, express your interest here.

And this is what the register form looked like <<form>>

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Google invites users to join Wave

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Google Wave, which combines email, instant messaging and wiki-style editing will go on public trial today.

The search giant hopes the tool, described as “how e-mail would look if it were invented today”, will transform how people communicate online.

It will be open to 100,000 invitees from 1600BST, each of whom can nominate five further people to “join the Wave”.

The tool is also open source, meaning third party developers can build applications for it.

The developer behind Wave described it as “a communication and collaboration tool”.

“It struck us that e-mail is still the main communication tool on the web, which seemed remarkable given that it is 20-year-old technology,” said Lars Rasmussen, who, alongside his brother Jens, was the brains behind Google Maps.

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China ‘blocks YouTube video site’

China is reported to have blocked the YouTube video-sharing website because it has been carrying video of soldiers beating monks and other Tibetans.

The date and location of the footage, posted by a Tibetan exile group, cannot be ascertained.

A Chinese government spokesman would not confirm whether YouTube had indeed been blocked.

China has a history of blocking websites which carry messages it views as politically unacceptable.

In most of China, YouTube has suddenly become inaccessible.

The site has been carrying a graphic video released by Tibetan exiles, which shows hundreds of uniformed Chinese troops swarming through a Tibetan monastery – a group of troops beat a man with batons.

In another scene a group of men, including a monk, are beaten, kicked and choked, while they lie on the ground. Some have their hands tied others appear to be unconscious.

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This article was originally posted on BBC News

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