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Hurdles Remain on Climate Change Goals

Like most members of President Obama’s climate team, David Sandalow was one of President Bill Clinton’s negotiators in Kyoto. And he carries an indelible lesson from the experience of signing off on the international climate pact there 12 years ago: “Only agree abroad to what you can implement at home.”

He had been elated at the deal by more than 180 nations in December 1997. But within months, a television ad appeared, decrying the agreement for not including developing nations such as China and India. “It’s not global and it won’t work,” said the ad, which was sponsored by business groups including the American Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the American Petroleum Institute. It captured the growing discontent in the United States over the Clinton administration’s signing off on a package that did not force similar cuts by major developing countries.

Original post credit: The Washington Post

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