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South Sea Bubble Survivor Says Dismantle RBS Along With Lloyds

Henry Hoare made a 1.6 million- pound ($2.2 million) profit from the South Sea Bubble, a speculative bust that bankrupted thousands of English families in the 1720s.

His great-, great-, great-, great-, great-, great-grand- nephew boosted the deposits of his family’s bank by 20 percent in the past year to come through one of the worst financial crises since then, which is why people might want to listen to him.

“Keep it simple, stupid,” Alexander Hoare said in an interview in his drawing room on the first floor of C. Hoare & Co.’s 180-year-old office on London’s Fleet Street. “Get the depositors in, lend to people who can afford to borrow.”

That’s a lesson Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc should have learned, said Hoare, 46, whose family-owned firm started in 1672 and now has about 10,000 customers. Prime Minister Gordon Brown should now dismantle the bank, which required 20 billion pounds of taxpayers’ money to avoid collapse, Hoare said.

“Break it up into all the component parts from which it was made and have them compete freely,” said Hoare, referring to his Fleet Street neighbors National Westminster Bank Plc and Coutts & Co. which are both owned by RBS.

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