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Senate Democrats hit hurdle on $410 billion spending

Democrats who control the U.S. Senate were unable on Thursday to round up the votes to end debate and pass a $410 billion bill to fund many government operations through September 30, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said.

The Senate will try again next week, Reid said. In addition to funding the departments of transportation, agriculture and commerce, among others, the legislation would begin to roll back strict limits on travel and trade with long-time foe Cuba — a move President Barack Obama supports.

The provisions on Cuba drew opposition from two Democrats, Senators Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Bill Nelson of Florida, in part forcing Democratic leaders to seek Republican support for the legislation.

In a setback for Democrats who control 58 of the 100 Senate seats, Reid said they fell one short of the 60 votes necessary to end debate on the measure and move to a vote on passage.

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