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first 3D ready flat-panel hdtv

Samsung Electronics, the leader in HDTV design and technological innovation, will unveil its groundbreaking new line-up of plasma HDTVs—the Series 4 and Series 5—at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show. Taking a cue from the technology created for its DLP HDTVs, Samsung has developed the first 3D-ready, flat-panel HDTVs on the market with the Series 4 plasma HDTV. Engineered to be both adaptable and affordable, the entry-level Series 4 and Series 5 are the perfect choice for consumers looking to enter the plasma space with a cost-effective, flat-panel HDTV that can do it all. Samsung’s plasma lineup will be on display at Booth #11033 during the International Consumer Electronics Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 7 through 10.

“The Series 4 and Series 5 lines are prime examples of how Samsung is able to provide higher-end features and performance at all price points,” said Jonas Tanenbaum, vice president of Flat Panel Marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “By integrating 3D technology into the plasma category, we’re offering consumers the benefits of both a flat-panel set and 3D movie viewing and gaming. We’re looking forward to continuing to expand our new technologies across all of our HDTV categories.”

Both the Series 4 and Series 5 models come packaged in a lustrous, piano-black exterior, and feature first class components and advanced features typical of premium models. Built-in entertainment modes automatically optimize image and audio quality to the content being viewed—a must-have for the avid gamer, sports fan or movie buff. Further enhancing the Series’ viewing experience is the FilterBright™ anti-glare technology, which produces deeper blacks and an increased contrast ratio for overall superior picture.

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