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Add frogs to the list of animals we may be eating out of existence.

You are eating me to extinction

You are eating me to extinction

Photograph: Paul Zahl/NGS

At least 200 million and maybe more than a billion frogs are being consumed by humans each year, researchers said this week.

“Frogs legs are on the menu at school cafeterias in Europe, market stalls and dinner tables across Asia, to high end restaurants throughout the world,” said Corey Bradshaw, an ecologist from the University of Adelaide School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The global trade in frog legs for human consumption is threatening their extinction, Bradshaw said in a statement released by the university. “Amphibians are already the most threatened animal group yet assessed because of disease, habitat loss and climate change — man’s massive appetite for their legs is not helping.”

Bradshaw, who is also employed as a senior scientist by the South Australian Research and Development Institute, and colleagues are writing a paper that will be published online in the journal Conservation Biology.


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